The Santa Experience - Booking now for 2018

Experience the Magic

This will be the highlight of yours and your child's Christmas Season and your opportunity to experience the magic and wonder of Christmas through the eyes of your child. This is a Santa Experience like none other - from the excitement of that first glimpse of the man in the red suit to  rummaging through his magic sac to finding their name on his nice list. Children are given time to chat with Santa...and he knows about them - that lost tooth, the new puppy, even their favourite toy. There's time to play a quick game with the jolly man and munch on a cookie too and of course what child doesn't love to have a story read to them? Children and parents alike will make memories that will last a lifetime.

We want you to have an art piece that will serve as a family heirloom, something you proudly display every year to decorate your home for Christmas...a Portrait that continues to be enjoyed long after your children have left home...a piece that one day your children's children will look at in wonder and amazement.
Your heirloom piece and/or storybook is artworked to bring out the full vividness of the imagination having been photographed with attention to detail and the nuances of lighting. Of course just a little touch of magic is also added. More than a simple Santa photo, this will be a lasting memory of the innocence and magic of childhood.

We recommend using the pyjamas provided to give a sense of fun and realism to 'the night before Christmas' while also keeping the colour scheme of the imagery. Of course if you have a special outfit that will fit the scene you are more than welcome to use it.

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